Carving Tips

Painting techniques for Wood

Great tutorial on painting techniques for wood from Pete LeClaire Part – one of three.  

Painting a caricature bottle stopper head – this is part 1 of 3 parts on how I paint my caricature woodcarvings using an acrylic wash over a penetrating oil. See my carvings at


Staining and painting

Fred Zavadil describes some interesting ways of finishing Lime Wood carvings, including how to prepare the wood for painting and staining. He also has a video showing how he works.

Scaling a scanned image in Photoshop elements

Sometimes you will find a good drawing or plan for a carving, but you need it just the right size for your piece of wood. This guide will explain how you can do this in Adobe Photoshop Elements, so you can print it out at exactly the size you need.


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